Military Baseball


Head Coach

Coach Juan Adriatico Jr.

Inspired by his grandfather Vanencio Adriaico a WWII Veteran of 105 years of age and his grandmother a WWII Veteran and a combat flight nurse of the US Army who died in 2005 was created in honor of his grandparents and those Soldiers who died in his care. 


“Chaps” after 15 years of active duty service was inspired to create this vehicle to communicate a message of love and servant hood. Military Baseball is that connection that brings people together that for a common purpose in honor of our Armed Forces and to give back to youth across the globe. After serving two tours in Iraq with line units and as a burn unit Chaplain at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio Texas, Chaps struggled to find peace and hope again through his dark times of depression and PTSD. While part time coaching at San Antonio Community College, would he regain his joy for life and a game that represented so much more than a ball, bat and glove but a space of joy, happiness and love.  Military Baseball is based off Chaplain Adriatico’s personal experiences and multiple stories and connections of other Soldiers who have given so much. We as a team and organization are simply composed of staff and talented baseball players who wish to encourage others in the way of love, courage, and integrity through the ways of Christ. 

One particular Soldier laying in a hospital bed at Brooke Army Medical Center in 2010 after returning home from Iraq tattooed on his left chest as he awoke with both his legs and left arm missing with 20% burns by an IED attack in 2010 would be the foundational message of Military Baseball. When asked would you do it again, he responded, “Sir, better me than my buddies.” 

Your past does not have to be your future.

"For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." 

Romans 3:23

It is better to give than to receive.

“No greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

Salvation is open to all who seek to it.

 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." 


”To honor my fellow comrades through a sport I love is what gives me purpose in helping others understand the gratitude we enjoy as Americans everyday and to be mindful of it through our God given talents to serve others.”


-2001 Father Lopez Catholic High

-2005 Lander University (Business Degree with an emphasis in Marketing and Management)

-2008 Erskine Theological Seminary (Masters in Leadership, Family Counseling and Ethics)

-2007 Chaplain Officer Basic Leadership Course

-2008 Airborne School

-2011 Clinical Pastoral Education

-2015 Medical Sales College with an emphasis in Orthopedics

-2015 Navy Officer Basic Leadership Course

-2016 Walden University Clinical Social Work

-Licensed Farm and Ranch Real Estate and Commercial Real Estate Agent

Professional and Coaching Career

-1993-2001 Worked the family business and family Adriatico farm of 20,000 Citrus trees, conducted sales trips with Juan Adriatico Sr. Cared for the cattle and goat farms they owned and operated. Ran heavy equipment and lead 3-4 man crews with the family apartment complexes and warehouse businesses.

-1993-1993 Nominated To the Walt Disney’s Dreamer and Doers Program and State Winner as a 4th grader in Motivational Speech Competition

-1996 Chet Lemmon Juice 14 and under AAU National Team, players associated with Ricky Weeks and Prince Fielder. Trainers Joe Oliver Cather for the Reds, Barry Larkin and Bret Boon

-1997 Senior Little League Starting Catcher Finished

-1998 Starting Freshman Father Lopez Catholic  ranked #2 in the Nation (Coach Norm Yelverton) Hitting Instructor Frank Code for 4 years and mentor to also Chipper Jones of the Atlanta Braves. Pitching Coach for Father Lopez Rick Rhoden with 18 years with the Pirates of the MLB

-1998-2001 State qualifiers for swimming in Free Style and Brest stroke 

-1999 Team One Selected Top Sophomores in the US with 300 Division 1 Letters, offered by the Yankees a professional contact 

-2000 Torn Labium recommend surgery 

-2001 Selected by East Florida Scout Team Orioles Organization with Zack Grienke, Florida All State posting a .520 batting average. Offered Athletic Scholarship by Lander University 

-1998-2001 Church Affiliation, Riverbend Community Church, Ormond Beach FL-2001 Labium Surgery 1, retort Librium into game 3 for Lander University starting freshman cleanup

-2001 Summer Job Britney Jewelers Sales -2002 Labrum Surgery 2

-2003-2005 Resigned from Baseball

-2003 College Jobs waiter at Abbeville Inn South Carolina, Chick Fila and Jonny Rockets

-2005 Graduated from Lander University with a degree in Business with an emphasis in Marketing and Management 

-2003-2005 Triathlete qualifier in South Carolina Pro circuit 

-2001-2005 Christchurch Affiliation New Covenant Tabernacle, Greenwood SC David Harrel 

-2003-2005 Campus Outreach Group Leader and Teacher devoted to the development of college students walk in faith, love and integrity. Mentor Rick kerroglian 

-2006 Offered College Scholarship by Coach Kevin Nichols Erskine College (Coach of Coastal Carolina, 4 year all American at Alabama and MLB Short Stop) Posted a 498 batting average with 3 strike outs in 298 plate appearances.-Turned down professional baseball to pursue the US Army Chaplaincy

-2008 Graduated Erskine Theological Seminary in Leadership and Counseling

-2008 Qualified US Army Airborne Paratrooper 

-2008-2009 Served 12 month Tour in Iraq with 2-35 as a light infantry Battalion Chaplain serving 3,000 Special Forces Team, National Guard and Ranger Units with 12 Killed in action and awarded the Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge.

-2009 Lead trainer of Strong Bond Events a’s the lead officer and Coordinator and responsible of a federal budget of 1.5 million -

2010-2011 Trained as a Clinical Chaplain working burn and ER Units at Brooke Army Medical Center serving Military Soldiers and their families

-2010 Hitting instructor at San Antonio Community College

-2011-2012 Served the second tour in Kirkuk Iraq as a battalion and brigade Chaplain with 5 killed in action. Lead Chaplain for the 101 BSB unit out of FT Riley Kansas.

-2012 Owner of Pro Sports Wear and Green Tree Smoothies LLC’s. 

-2015 Medical Sales Rep for Kassy Home Health and studied Orthopedics in Denver Colorado 

-2016-2019 Founded the US Military Baseball Organization in Japan with 5 baseball players and is the Head Coach of the The US Military Baseball Organization as a 501 C-3.

-Gained attention from AFN News and reached over 1,000 players impacted

-Conducted several youth baseball clinics reaching over 1,000 youth 

-Played in front of more than 20,000 plus fans reached international in Japan, Italy, Spain and the US. 

-Teams competed against the Orioles minor league organization, Collegiate Division 1 prospect leagues and Independent professional baseball leagues (Pecos League) and has afforded players the chance to prove themselves on front of thousands and hundreds of fans.

-2015-2017 Navy Chaplain for Desron Fifteen Destroyer Groups with multiple tours to Korea, Guam and Hong Kong

-2017-2018 Command Navy Chaplain of the Navy Medicine Training and Support Command

-2020 Head Coach of the US Military Baseball 501 C-3 and CEO of Pro Texas Hunts LLC and Life Way Marketing Firm

Mother Sandy Adriatico Father Juan Adriatico Sr.

Sister Alcira Sampson (2001 National Women's Fast Pitch High School Record Holder and Full Ride Athletic Scholarship to Florida Southern University)